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Getting your pet ready for a long stay with a dog minder


It is hard to imagine a dog groomer not being a dog owner. Like many dog owners, our groomers need help from other pet professionals. We were recently discussing dog minding with Dave, one of our customers. Dave was planning to take a long vacation to his home country to see his extended family and Jupiter the spoodle couldn’t go with him. Dave shared the Oodle Oasis Facebook page with us. You’d agree that it was an easy choice for Dave—you have rarely seen dogs happier, playing together and enjoying themselves. Since Dave had never left his dog in such a place before, he had questions for Deb, the lovely lady running Oodle Oasis Dog Minding. We thought you might have the same questions, so we would like to share what we’ve learnt from Dave and Deb.

Dave: I’m leaving the country for five weeks and I feel really comfortable placing my pooch with you. But the stay is going to be five weeks and my dog needs his ears and nails done every four weeks. Would you be able to take care of these procedures?

Deb: That would be fine! Oodle Oasis is only a five-minute drive from Pet Beauty Club at Pymble, and I trust them with the grooming of my own Millie, the Labradoodle. So, I would be happy to drop Jupiter at Pet Beauty Club for her treatment.

Oodle Oasis is fully insured and on our booking forms you would advise us if we have permission to take Jupiter in the car. If we do, Jupiter must have his harness with him, which attaches to a normal car seat belt; we like to make sure they are safe while on their driving adventure!

Dave: My dog is imported and does not understand commands in English—would it be a problem for you? Does it have any implications on how you are going to treat him?

Deb: We love and treat all dogs the same at Oodle Oasis. We are a family of four who simply love having dogs around, and treat them like we treat our own … they are like members of the family while they are with us, and all I would ask is that you please teach me the basic commands in the language Jupiter understands before you leave, including any visual signals he understands. We like all dogs to feel happy and safe at Oodle Oasis and learning Jupiter’s language would make him feel much more settled.

Dave: My dog is very active and we often take him to dog parks—can we arrange for him to keep going there?

Deb: We only take dogs to the dog park and beach with the owner’s permission. There are some owners who are happy with their dogs not visiting these places. If you wanted Jupiter to go to the dog park and beach, you would inform us of this on the booking forms prior to Jupiter’s visit to Oodle Oasis. In this section of the form you could also inform us if you wished us to take Jupiter to be groomed if he was knotty or needed a bath while he was with us. We would be happy to take him to Pet Beauty Club, as they would know your requirements for Jupiter’s style and needs.

Dave: We might consider clipping Jupiter to make it easier for you to maintain him during his stay. Considering he will stay with you for five weeks, do you have any recommendations on the optimal coat length? Would you recommend some specific cut? How far in advance should we clip him?

Deb: We have had oodles with all types of styles and coat lengths stay with us at Oodle Oasis. A shorter cut is obviously better if Jupiter will be with us for five weeks, as he will be doing a lot of playing, rumbling and activity! The shorter the coat, the less knots and discomfort for Jupiter. In the colder months we always put their ‘jackets’ on when needed, so you don’t need to worry too much about their coat length. I know each oodle owner has a preferred look for their oodle, so I would recommend they stick to the style that you and Jupiter are used to. It’s also always nice when our oodles are staying for a long-term stay that they arrive freshly bathed and groomed—they have access to inside and outside the house 24 hours a day, so it’s nice for them to all be clean when inside the house!

Dave: My dog is on a special diet, but the food he eats can only last for three weeks, so I will not be able to supply enough for entire stay. How would we work around the situation?

Deb: That’s no problem at all. If you could please just let us know where the food can be purchased at the time you complete the booking forms—we will be able to work something out for sure. A lot of the guests at Oodle Oasis are on restricted/special diets and it is important when they are in a different environment to keep their diet the same, for their own sake.

Dave: I would like you to keep me posted on how Jupiter is doing—can we have Skype sessions from time to time? Or go live on Facebook, maybe?

Deb: Of course! We have Facetimed many oodle families while they have been away. We send daily updates including photos, videos and messages. Our forms ask how often you would like to receive these updates and the best way to contact you.

Find more information on Oodle Oasis Facebook Page

23 August 2017