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We train your puppy to love grooming!

Imagine yourself being small, cute and completely new to the world. Strangers in this new place - can I trust them? Scary bath tubs - what if I drown? Loud dryers - they must be dangerous! Clippers, nail cutters, smells of shampoos and colognes, ear cleaning - are they gonna kill me?! Mom, rescue me!!!!

Horrible experience, isn't it? No wonder so many adult dogs hate grooming so much!

Pet Beauty Club introduces Puppy Grooming Program: we combine proved training techniques with dog grooming expertise - this is so much more than just a grooming session!

The Objectives of the Program

Your puppy learns to stay calm and confident around groomers, grooming equipment, smells and noises. Starting early you ensure short and effective grooming sessions in future: well known, safe routines are stress-free for an adult dog.
Here in Pet Beauty Club we know too well how exhausting can it be to groom a terrified dog. Sometimes lack of grooming experience in your puppy's life may lead to aggressive behavior on a grooming table - something we aim to prevent.

We offer you a long term strategy for pet's skin health, coat beauty and stunning look.

Why Pet Beauty Club Puppy Grooming Program works

We founded our program on these fundamental principles

  • individual approach - we closely watch your puppy during the session to ensure he feels safe and confident;
  • we gradually introduce new stimuli and increase intensity - the puppy gets familiar with grooming equipment, smells and noises;
  • we consistently reward calm and confident response - we train the puppy to control himself and consistently reward the desired behavior;
  • the groomer is a trustworthy leader for your puppy
  • the owner appreciates the importance of regular repetitions

The Program Components

This program is in core a socialization exercise combined with essential grooming procedures. The program includes 8 fortnightly sessions. We use puppy products to ensure skin health.

  1. Session One - 15 minutes. We introduce you puppy to the groomers and let him explore the grooming area. We put him on a table, brush him lightly and clean his ears.
  2. Session Two - 15 minutes. This session is entirely is stress-free nail trimming.
  3. Session Three- 20 minutes. The first bathing experience. Please note we only towel-dry your puppy on this session, so ensure you bring over his towel to keep him warm on your way home.
  4. Session Four - 20 minutes. Ears+eyes+nails+full body brush - we do it all with a working dryer sound in a background.
  5. Session Five - 20 minutes. Second bath+blow-dry. Very exciting - he learns to stay calm.
  6. Session Six - 20 minutes. Ears+eyes+nails+full body brush+clipping the hygiene areas. Another step out from the comfort zone.
  7. Session Seven - 25 minutes. First complete grooming session (Pet Beauty Club Standard session).
  8. Session Eight - 30 minutes. Complete grooming session with an element of styling - we style your pet's face.

Terms and Conditions

We only offer this service to healthy puppies aged 3 to 9 months. Puppies 10 to 12 months - will be considered individually.

The Vaccination Certificate is essential - the owner is required to submit it at the first session.

We carry a selection of treats to reward your puppy during the session - but you are encouraged to bring the treats you usually use at home, it will help the puppy to relax.

We may refuse to conduct the session if we observe indications of health issues.

The owner follows our instructions while performing grooming procedures at home - it's essential you follow the same technique.

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    • Puppy Grooming Program

    • $23.20 per session

      • 8 grooming sessions including
      • Ear Cleaning
      • Nail Trimming
      • Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner
      • Towel Dry
      • Blow Dry
      • Sanitary clipping
      • Face Styling
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